Acupuncture - Gareth Powdrell


pain relief with acupuncture

Musculoskeletal problems such as sports injuries and pain are the most common complaint I see in my clinic.

From my experience,acupuncture can be  effective at reducing inflammation and pain, releasing excessive tension and balancing the dynamic tensions of the muscles needed for the body to carry out it’s functions and improve posture

according to Traditional chinese medical theory,if you have a problem that is recovering very slowly or is not responding to manipulations,massage,acupuncure, exercises or stretches for the affected area it is possible that there is an internal imbalance. To give you an example, the digestive system is often involved in musculo-skeletal problems in Chinese medicine because it’s responsible for deriving energy and producing blood from food drink and nourishing the muscles. So if this function is impaired then the muscles won’t be receiving adequate nutrients to repair damaged tissues sufficiently. A problem with the digestive system can be confirmed by looking at the tongue, taking the pulse, examining the channel system and asking questions. Then carefully chosen points will be selected to regulate the digestive system with additional treatment to the affected area. This is an example of treating the whole person  and not just the symptom in Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is also used for acute injuries because points can be stimulated far away from the affected area.